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Acorn Cottage is an ideally located self catering holiday cottage to use as a base for caving in the Ingleton area. (Just let us know if you wish to store muddy caving gear in the garage & we will lend you the key.)

The area around Ingleton happens to be, among other things, the premier caving area in England. It boasts the 21st longest cave in the world: Ease Gill Caverns (70,500 metres), as well as the world famous Gaping Ghyll.

Experienced cavers may find this useful.

For more casual visitors, there are three excellent tourist caves in the area, where experienced cave guides will give you a tour:

Ingleborough Cave

Whitescar Cave

Stump Cross Cavern

caving1Gaping Ghyll is well worth visiting. The easiest way to get to it is to walk from Clapham on the nature trail past Ingleborough Cave and through Trow Gill gorge (approximately 2.5 miles). The sight of Fell Beck plunging twice the height of Niagara Falls into a dark abyss is spectacular. Don’t stand to close to the edge though!
If you happen to be stopping over either the Whitsun bank holiday, or the August bank holiday, then it is possible to be winched down the 340ft shaft of Gaping Ghyll and explore the caverns beneath. This is a very memorable experience. The winch meet is organised by local Pothole Clubs:

Whitsun Holiday Winch Meet, arranged by the Bradford Pothole Club

August Bank Holiday Winch Meet arranged by theCraven Pothole Club

If you feel adventurous, why not explore the old Victorian show cave, Yordas Cave. This has the advantage of not costing caving2you anything and no special caving equipment is required. You will need torches and walking boots or wellies if it is particularly wet. Yordas cave is located in Kingsdale. Follow the road up Kingsdale from Thornton in Lonsdale (near Ingleton), pass Braida Garth farm on your right and look for a small wooded area to your left. (An OS map will assist this.) Follow the path up to the wooded area and through the obvious arched entrance into a superb underground cavern. Follow the sound of water and take a look up the underground waterfall.

One of the holiday cottage owners (Lee) is an experienced caver and is happy to answer any questions about the subject.

The best caving shop, for specialised caving gear; and helmet and lamp hire is Inglesport, located in the main street of Ingleton. It also has a fine café upstairs.

Yorkshire Dales Guides offer caving courses locally. Courses range from a few hours, to days, half days, evenings or weekends. See their web site for details

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